miércoles, 6 de agosto de 2014

August 6th, 2014: Half way through the first week!


Fourth grade is rolling right along!  Yesterday all three "dens" of students (groups of students who sit together at tables) earned a rewards party, so tonight I will pick up some treats and tomorrow the class will indulge in donuts, ice cream, or extra recess.  Hats off to you for good behavior, Fourth Grade!

Today we engaged in a gallery walk during which students showcased their "The ______ Times" homework assignments and discussed what it means to do their best work.

The class also met Ms. Hatch, the guidance counselor, and began working on a "Diversity Quilt" which will displayed to parents at Open House.

Today was the first day for P.E., so everyone was excited about that!

Thanks to everyone for making this a wonderful week so far.

DAILY HOMEWORK:  In your writer's notebook, please tell Miss Hodges and Miss Jezabel what you want them to know about you.  *Please note that there is no length expectation/page limit on this assignment.  Rather, it is preferred for students to write naturally and to let their ideas flow so that we as teachers can gage their writing abilities at the start of this year.

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