lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015

Day 1 of Fourth Grade is in the books!

The Fourth Grade Geckos had an absolutely fabulous first day of school here at CIPLC.  It was so exciting to have such a wonderful group of fourth graders join Miss Jezabel and me for the start of a fun-filled year!

After getting to know each other in Morning Meeting activities, we launched our first day of Paul Solarz' (2015) Student-Led Classroom.  This means that this year, the students will be in charge of transitioning the class from subject to subject, monitoring their own behavior, answering each other's questions and collaborating with each other - all WITHOUT the help of the teachers!  The Geckos did an incredible job in launching this platform today, and set a daily goal of staying focused during read-alouds for tomorrow.  Way to go, Geckos!

Today we also discussed the importance of the word "BELIEVE."  We know that if we are to accomplish our dreams, then we first must believe in ourselves and our capabilities.  With that belief, we have the courage to take risks and work towards our goals.  This year will be filled with both goal-setting AND accomplishing those goals, and our Geckos are ready to take risks because they BELIEVE!

Please remember to check the Class Calendar for homework assignments if you do not already have them written down in your take-home folder, and remember to bring a summer artifact to school with you tomorrow.

Get ready for Day 2!

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