viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

       We are ready to start. They just called! We just said our first question are you in USA.They said yes we have a clue. They hang up a chart that had written thinking. Oh they asked if we are in the South America. Yes! They border the ocean! We have another clue. They asked if we border the Atlantic Ocean?... We are thinking.... Yes we border the atlantic Ocean. WE asked the same question do you border the Atlantic Ocean. Yes. Do your country begin with letter A or L.OH THEY JUST SAID do you live in Venezuela? Yeeeeessssssss. They just said a joke! They live in North of New york! Doe our state border the Atlantic ocean? Absolutlutly! They are guessing faster than us. Our state is not an island! They live in Main!!!! Does your state begins with A to L. Yesssss! Is your state Anzoategui? Yessss. Are we north of el Tigre? We don't know... but we are not north of El Tigre. They just asked us if we want to hear the song of let it go of Frozen. Later please!!! The internet has lost , where are them? Oh there they are!!! Do you live east of watervillage? YES they live east... We are not in Cugalla. Do you live i bluehill? ''Uuuhhhhhh!'' They don't live in bluehill.Do you east of Toddy Pond? They are thinking a lot until... tatarara, NO! We are giving them a clue. Our last letter is a vowel we said. They just said a joke. Tatarara, we don't live in Jose de Guanipe no. WE say bye bye.
By: Fabiana Nepi 

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