martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014


 Yay!Our first mystery Skype on 4th grade.We are all getting ready for the other school gets called. Mr.Ku is telling us what to do.We are waiting and waiting.We are so exited.What country is it?I want to knoooooooow!!!!!!Mr.Ku is telling Christian to run because he is our runner.We are patient because they need more time.We are callllllllllllllllllllllllllllling!!!!!!!!!!OK they are not ready.We are writing signs so when the think tank needs more time to think like,are you close to Montana.Ok again we are calling.They are in the computer!!!!YAY!Our first question is do you live in north america and they said Yes.They ask us if you go to a Elementary school and we said yes.They want to hear a joke that we have and they think its funny.We ask our second question and its do you border the ocean because we said if they live in the USA and they said yes.We have a lot of YES.But we have two nos because the first no was if you border the ocean and they said no.The second no was if they live east of Kansas and they said no.Our 4th question is do you live in the USA and they said No.We ask if there country start with a vowel and they saiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!!!!!!!!!!!!No.They ask us if we live in Kansas and we said no.They have a lot of no's and we have a lot of yes. Coooool!We are waiting for our 7th question. Ok we got it and its No.Christian is waiting for a question from the think tank. Corrado is running around the class. Mr.Ku is telling Salomon to settled down. Theirs a lot of movement in the class.We have 9 questions.I think we bet the score of questions. Rodrigo is really  attention.They live in Texas.They guest our country. Eeeee hole salchaicha con pure hey!Know they want to guess our country and us to.There city is Midland Texas.We are asking if they live in Dallas and its a Yes.We are so close!!!!!!!They are in 5th grade and we guest there country first.They ask us if we are close to LA VICTORIA and we said no.Our question is if they live live near white lake rock and they said no.


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