viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

Transferring the Persuasive Organizer to a Draft

Hi, Fourth Grade!

As we discussed this morning, your assignment for the weekend is to transfer your persuasive organiser to draft form.

On Wednesday, you completed the persuasive map.  Here's my EXAMPLE.  Remember that all of your reasons must support your position, and all of your examples/details must support your reasons.

On Thursday, you transferred your persuasive map to a graphic organizer.  Here is my EXAMPLE.  As we discussed during morning meeting, you are simply rewriting your ideas so that they are in sentences and resemble more of a paragraph format.  Remember to write conclusion statements by saying your main idea (position) and reasons again, but using different words.

Your Friday homework assignment is to use your graphic organizer to draft a persuasive essay, such as how I did in this EXAMPLE.  Basically, you're just rewriting your graphic organizer out using complete sentences on either a piece of paper or in a Google Doc.  Please remember to share the Doc with me if you choose to type your draft! Note that the introduction, each reason, and the conclusion are their own paragraphs, so you should turn in a five-paragraph essay!

Next week, we will begin to add in transitions and money words while we revise and edit.  If you have any changes that you would like to make in the meantime, feel free.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend, and I'll see you bright and early on Monday!


Miss H.

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